Ashi Topical Cream Products

Dear Prof. Jianguo Gu:

I have used the Ashi Pain UW formula in the treatment of recurring neck
pain and wrist pain.  Although the neck pain responded well to
acupuncture, the Ashi Research product has been instrumental in keeping
the pain away.
Also of interest, approximately five acupuncture treatments were utilized in
an attempt to treat wrist pain in the same patient, with only moderate
results.  Once the Ashi Pain UW formula had been applied to the
wrist for about four weeks, the pain has become imperceptible and is no
longer a limitation to the patient.

- Mark Sodders, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)
                   mark@newlife-acupuncture.com, Dallas, TX

I have used Ashi Pain relief cream on more than 100 patients in my
clinic.  My patients love the cream and it helps them a lot.  I am pleased
to carry your products because they also help my clinical practice very
                    - J
ohn Godfrey, A.P., D.O.M.  Gainesville, Florida

At Florida College of Integrative Medicine, we have been using Ashi
Pain relief cream for patients and got very good results.  More and more
patients request Ashi Pain relief cream from us now.  We would like to
continue to carry your products in our clinic.  
                    - Yang Xu-Guang, A.P. D.O.M. Clinical Director
                        at FCIM. Orlando, Florida

One of my patients suffered from pain in his wrist for 30 years. He is now 80
year old and his pain has always  been a problem for him. The chronic pain
was diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I prescribed Ashi Pain UM  to
him. After using this pain relief cream for several days his pain in wrist was
completely gone.
I have another patient who suffered from pain in her knees for years due to
arthritis. She used Ashi Pain LW for about 10 days, and she is pain free
I myself suffered from chronic neck pain that it bothered me a lot. I used
Ashi Pain UW and had great relief from my neck pain. My own experience
on Ashi Pain relief cream is wonderful, which has convinced me to carry
Ashi Pain relief cream products for treating difficult pain problems in my
                   - Alice Newton (am-newton@comcastnet),
                     Sarasota, Florida

One of my female patients complained of having pain in the back of her
neck at the base of her skull, very tight shoulders, and difficulty in
sleeping.  She also has headaches and felt as if she had a tight band
around her head.  When she came to see me, she had suffered the pain
for a week and the pain was getting worse.  I treated her with acupuncture
in my clinic.  I also gave her Ashi Pain UW (for women in chronic pain of
neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and carpal) and had her rub the cream on her
neck and shoulders at home.  After three days of using the Ashi cream
as directed, she felt significant relaxation in her neck and shoulders, and
her headache was much reduced.  Her sleeping problems were also greatly
improved.  With the combination of the acupuncture treatment in my clinic
and the use of Ashi cream at home, the pain symptoms in this patient
disappeared in two weeks of the treatment.  Both my patient and I are very
happy with the Ashi Pain relief product.
                      - Jacqueline Lee, A.P., Dipl. Ac, California

One of my patients, a retired doctor, loved the way Ashi Pain UM helped his
neck. He also tried it for some neuritis on his arm (pain worse
than shingles…and it took the pain away. He gave some to his wife for pain
she was experiencing with ligaments/tendons in her hand and she got
I had also wonderful reports from another patient, woman aged 74, who
uses Ashi Pain UW on her hand (same area as the above lady) and she
gets relief.  
A fibromyalgia patient with shoulder and upper arm ache has also had
great success with Ashi Pain UW.  
 - Vasanthi, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM), Ph.D.
                        (vasacupuncture@gmail.com), Gainesville, Florida

Ashi Patch Products

Hi Dr.Gu!
I enjoyed talking with you about my experience using the Pain Patch.

Four weeks ago a gentleman about 58 years old came to my clinic. He had
been suffering from a severe neck pain that would progress to severe
head ache. This had been going on for 5 months. In that time, he had
seen 3 different MDs in our town. When he could not get any relief, he
traveled about 50 miles to a diagnostic/teaching hospital and had seen 4
doctors there. After many tests, all of the doctors had offered different drug
therapies that either did not work or had side effects that were  worse than
the present condition.  I did an acupuncture treatment and gave him a
package of the Pain Patches. One week later he returned  reporting that he
had three days that were pain free and the two headaches  he had were
mild. He has now had 4 acupuncture treatments and has used  the Pain
Patch in between each treatment. When I saw him last, he had  been able
to return to work as a carpenter for 2 days that week and was  feeling
better every day. I was pleased to  include the Pain Patch as part of the
treatment. I think it was very  beneficial ,as an adjunct to traditional
acupuncture, for him to have  this local agent to improve blood circulation,
detoxify and reduce the  inflammatory response in the area. I believe this
combination therapy  helped accelerate the healing process.

Thank you for the work you have done to develop these products.

                                    - Sheila Day, L.Ac.
                                   sheilaxday@yahoo.com, Columbia, Tennessee

Ashi Supplement Products

I used Ashi NerveCalm for a number of my patients with sleeping problems
and found the formula works extremely well.  My patients are
very happy about the effect of Ashi Nerve pain.  

- John Godfrey, L. Ac
                                 Gainesville, Florida

One of my colleagues took your Ashi NerveCalm and since then she was
able to get better sleep.  Most importantly, she did not experience
any hang-over side effect.

Mary Hayes, L. Ac.
                                   hayesmj@yahoo.com, Florida

Other Comments On Ashi Products  

Your products work well but I am most impressed by the effort you make to
keep your products affordable for practitioners and ultimately for their
patients. As I see more and more herb companies increasing their prices,
some to the level of western medicinals, I appreciate your attention to both
quality AND affordability.

                                - Kenyon Farrar, L. Ac.
                                AcuDocKenyon@hotmail.com, North Hollywood, CA